Erasmsu+ Strategic Partnership Project "Exploring Sustainability in The Food Sector"

Who we are?

This is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project “Exploring sustainability in the food sector” between secondary schools from Germany, Italy, Turkey and Finland. This partnership is to make it possible for us working together, to develop, share and transfer best practices and innovative approaches in the fields of food sector.

The most relevant topics addressed by our project are: Entrepreneurial learning – entrepreneurship education, Environment and climate change, ICT – new technologies – digital competences, foreign languages, especially English.
In the project our students will take over the role of entrepreneurs in the food sector. They will be able to find out how difficult it can be to combine business objectives and the aim of sustainability. This will make them reconsider standard ideas about the aims of business as well as consumer behaviour.
The project will be carried out transnationally in order to reflect business relations in the food sector, which is highly internazionalized. Also alternative models for food production such as the Slow Food movement are transnational. Working together with peers from other European countries will enable students to compare the mechanisms of the food sector in their countries (DE,IT,FI,TUR) and the role that alternative business models play in each of them.









The partner Schools are


Berufskolleg Viersen, Viersen Germany


ISIS “O. Romero” , Albino (BG) İtaly


Şişili Anadolu Lisesi, Şişli Türkiye


Etelä-Tapiolan lukio, Espoo Finland


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